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Written by Anna Isaac

Content Marketing will continue to grow and emerge just as important as social media when allocating budgets. 2014 will be the year where brands learn how to tell stories, become publishers and excel with a rich brand identity in the marketplace. Flat copy is no longer enough. The launch of Vine, Instagram video and now, Facebook video ads, more brands will buy into short-form video as paramount across their marketing activities. The Google Hummingbird update has encouraged this quality content. Digital marketers will become better content creators as a result.

European Countries adopt content marketing

2014 will see Europe adopting newer marketing technologies and native advertising efforts. Content Marketing is still fairly new in Europe as a whole, this year we see a massive increase in the creation of rich content.

The rise of the Content Officer

This year agencies will be recruiting for Content drivers. We will see more journalists hired by brands to be in-house, full-time content creators. Content Marketing Manager, Chief Content Officer, Content Director will all be prevalent.

The rise of LinkedIn

I think we will see a huge increase in budget allocated to promoting B2B services on LinkedIn. It is already a massive player in the social world and is by far the best at B2B promotion. It already has over 140 million unique visitors a month, LinkedIn is a trusted resource and I believe sponsored posts will gain huge traction this year.

‘Mobile First’ mentality

Smartphone adoption continues to rise and this year, brand publishers must ensure their content marketing efforts are reflected well on a mobile device. Latitude says, 61% of people will have a better opinion of a brand if they offer a good mobile experience.

Brands and organisations will look for a hub to power their content

Brands are becoming publishers and as a result, have huge amounts of branded content to make available to both the media and to customers. 2014 will see technology-based solutions provide hubs that maximise exposure of content, as well as increase content creation and power distribution.

Media Agencies will no longer look after all distribution needs

Historically, media agencies were assigned budget for content distribution. This year I believe we will see this consolidated with content creation. Although quoted almost too regularly, Content is King but Distribution is Queen. Content creation and distribution should go hand in hand and excel as one process.

Native Advertising regulations: the new Advertorial

Editorial content is being used more and more for marketing purposes as articles, videos and images become sponsored to raise additional income. Concern is the ever-blurring line between editorial and advertising.

Paid Social Activity becoming standard practice

I mentioned Linkedin above but I wanted to emphasise how much paid advertising on social channels will increase this year. Building a presence across social channels is time consuming and time-costly. Brands will begin to shift to paid advertising whilst freeing up costly resources.

An exciting year ahead. Although nothing is guaranteed, what is certain is the rise of quality, informative, engaging content. Content that resonates, that tells a story.

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